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Women of every age deserve to be celebrated in timeless, professional photos

There are many reasons a woman should be professionally photographed at different stages of her life. Many women feel they need a "reason" to have photos taken of themselves. We're here to tell you that no matter YOUR reason, it is valid. We have seen firsthand how empowering these photoshoots are. It is 100% OK for you to want photos of yourself looking happy and gorgeous!

Women spend so much of their time being caretakers that many times just taking a few hours for yourself can make you feel guilty. If that's the case, I encourage you to stop and think about why you are drawn to the idea of being photographed. If you haven't been photographed before, think about what has stopped you in the past. These photos don't have to be for your husband, your partner, or your family. It is OK to have photographs taken for YOU, to show yourself the absolute unique beauty that is YOURS. Our photo shoots allow women of any age, size, or shape to take time to appreciate their journey and celebrate where they are NOW.

If you want to be photographed, I hope you will take some time to meet with me. You deserve to be SEEN. You are enough, just the way you are, and THAT is the only reason you need.

Reasons to get photographed:

Milestones / Graduation / With Your Partner / Expecting a New Baby / Anniversaries / Birthdays / Families / Dance Portraits / Sexy Boudoir Photos / With Your Pet / A New Look / Because You Want To!

Contact Franklin Studios today to learn more about your luxurious photoshoot.

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If you're curious about what a photoshoot at Franklin Photography Studios would be like, take a look at this video showing Shelley Franklin making her magic. The video walks us through an actual shoot, from professional hair and makeup to garment selection and the photoshoot!

"Shelley truly crafts each photoshoot especially to the client. Its obvious how important it is to her that she makes the experience memorable, and creates gorgeous images her clients are proud of."


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