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Award Winning Image of Kids and a Chicken

Over 11,000 portraits worldwide were submitted to The Portrait Masters Awards in January 2020. On March 17, winners were announced. Shelley Franklin was proud this image won 1st place in the Group/Family Portrait category. It was one of 9 images reviewed for the possibility of being Grand Champion of The Portrait Masters. Only 340 Silver awards were issued during this round of the competition. Shelley received 11 of them, 17 bronze awards, and the title of Category Winner.

Shelley reached "Fellow" status with The Portrait Masters in September 2020. Only five photographers held this title at the time, which is an accomplishment and humbling that it is the long-term goal of photographers worldwide.

Multi-Award Winning Pet Photographer

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Award Winning Image of Kids and a Chicken
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Shelley Franklin - Scottsdale Photographer for WomenMany photographers aren't interested in submitting to competitions. There is normally a fee to submit, and they prefer to work making money rather than spending it to have their images judged. While making money from client shoots can mean you are "good enough", I enjoy the constant challenge of working to elevate my art. My passion for photography is much deeper than being satisfied with good enough. The awesome thing about competitions is they really allow you to see where your baseline lies when comparing your work with other photographers who are some of the best in the world. Seeing how GOOD you have to be to receive silver awards has pushed me to improve more over the past few years. Submitting to competition has absolutely elevated the quality of my work.

I believe, though I am a photographer, first and foremost, I'm an artist. My camera and images are the medium I use to create my art. My artistic side has flourished since I participated in The Portrait Masters Competitions, which I began submitting to in 2017. To date I have received silver awards in every round of The Portrait Masters, and began submitting to other competition such as WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International), and WPE, among a few.

My awards work has transformed the way I look at client shoots and given me new goals to make client work that is award-worthy. This gallery contains some of the images that have won awards over the last several years.

Shelley's work can be seen among the work of the many talented winners of The Portrait Masters here:

Portrait Master's Fellow Photographer Award Accredited Portrait Master's FELLOW Photographer

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