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The 50/50 Project 2021/22

The women of the 50/50 Project 2021-22

The 50/50 Project at Franklin Photography Studios originated in December of 2019, and was intended to be a one time project where photographer Shelley Franklin would photograph 50 women over the age of fifty before she herself turned fifty. She spent the year before her 50th birthday surrounded by these amazing women, hearing their stories, learning about life's challenges, helping them celebrate who they are today and showing them (and the world) that beauty doesn't have an expiration date.

Despite shut downs and the pandemic, Shelley was able to complete the 2020 project in just under 13 months. It was featured on News Channel 3, Good Morning Arizona which led to many more women contacting the studio requesting to be part of this! It was then Shelley realized the HUGE need that exists for women in their 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond to be photographed (for a multitude of reasons!) She found her passion in connecting with women of a certain age, coaching them through the process of preparing for and following through with a photoshoot that allows her to create gorgeous portraits they will always cherish. The second annual 50/50 Project followed and began in April of 2021. These are the gorgeous women of The 50/50 Project 21/22!

When something sets your heart and soul on fire and empowers and lifts other women, there is no reason to limit it. To be part of the next project email:

"It's amazing the things we learned from these photo shoots. The messages I received from so many women were unbelievable. Not only do so many think their photo shoot was a powerful experience, but empowering and fun. If I can have this same impact and provide this experience for more women, I absolutely would love to." -Shelley Franklin

To see the images of the women who were part of Scottsdale's Original 50/50 Project in 2020 <CLICK HERE>