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There are more people over 50 than ever before! This group is too big to be ignored, too experienced not to be listened too, and too gorgeous not to be celebrated. It's time to start a conversation about the beauty of aging. Join me on this adventure to share the common bond of being 50 and over!

We started The 50/50 Project Scottsdale in March of 2020. No sooner had we started advertising for the project, we had to stop working on it because of Covid-19 and mandatory shut downs in Arizona.

We had booked several women for the project before the shut down, and as we waited and watched what was happening in the world, Shelley set tentative dates on the calendar and planned for them to happen as soon as we were able to safely and legally work again. When Arizona was allowed to open with precautions in late May, Shelley was back in the studio, wearing a mask and working as safely as possible to complete The 50/50 Project shoots she had booked.

As we began advertising 50/50 photo sessions again, One thing became very clear. Women WANTED this experienced. Everyone was looking for a distraction from the situation that had become reality.

No one was traveling. No one was getting to celebrate milestones. 50th birthdays, reaching weight loss goals, all of life's events normally celebrated came and went as the days and months changed uneventfully, ( for the lucky of us) without any pomp and circumstance.

While this went on all over the country, something magical was happening behind the doors and the curtains at Franklin Photography Studios. Women over 50 were realizing that this "photo shoot thing" they signed up for was becoming so much more than "just" a photo shoot. At Franklin Studios, celebrations were still happening, Many times the women being photographed were caught a little off guard by it. "I had no idea how badly I needed this" one of the first clients in the studio said after her day of pampering in the studio.

As the days and months went by, it became more apparent that for many of the participants in The 50/50 Project, this was much more than "just a photo shoot. "In the beginning I knew the photo shoots would be transformational, but I didn't realize the level of emotions that would be experienced. Not just for the clients involved, but by myself as well. Hearing these women's stories and getting to know them during their consultation, shoot and reveal has been much "more" than I ever expected, There have been a lot of happy tears shed during our photo shoots, and some sad tears too. I can't imagine how difficult the year would have been for me if I was not being constantly surrounded by these amazing, positive women and if I had not have had this amazing project to work on."

The 50/50 Project Scottsdale is wrapping up, with less than 5 women left to photograph for the 2020 project. Shelley is planning to move forward with the Art Gallery Celebration as promised, but is currently working on how that can be done safely, with social distancing requirements being met. She is currently creating The 50/50 Project Scottsdale's 2020 Magazine, and working on some amazing news she will be releasing once The 50/50 Project 2020 is complete.

If you'd like more information or to be part of The 50/50 Project 2021, <CLICK HERE>

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