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Bold Beauty/ Boudoir

The words "boudoir Photography mean something a little bit different to every woman. To some it means lingerie and stockings, silk and satin, leather and lace. To others it could mean cozy long socks and nothing else but you and a cup of coffee. How about a pair of cut off's and your favorite rocker T-shirt? The sky is the limit and we tailor your photo shoot specifically to you, your personality, and what means sexy to YOU.

At Franklin Studios, our take on Boudoir is classy, classic and all about YOU. We shy away from boudoir with a lot of props (You know, like football jerseys & footballs, your man's work uniform or themes based around his hobbies and him.) Why? Because those things are great for Halloween and/or fun, but we believe the sexiest BEST portraits are a reflection of YOUR heart and soul, a capture of YOU. A glimpse into what he see's when he looks at you and you are unaware. The gorgeous, authentic you. Magazine worthy and powerful.

Getting naked for the camera
Let your hair down at Franklin Studios
Boudoir Photography for women