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Meet Shelley

Who is Shelley Franklin?

Shelley is the artist, photographer, and business woman behind Franklin Photography Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has lived here with her husband for over 20 years, raising three sons, and now a daughter.

It was a dream come true to open a store front photography studio, "Franklin Studios" in North Central Scottsdale in June of 2019. Shelley created and designed the entire space herself with her clients comfort in mind. The rich velvety textures, unique chandeliers and vintage frames create an atmosphere that's guaranteed to make you want to stay long after your photo shoot is over! "It's most important to me that clients feel at home here. I want them to feel pampered and loved the idea of a pretty, luxury and feminine feeling space. I love that my studio feels like a mix between a gorgeous salon and a quaint French apartment."

Shelley is a published photographer, educator and multi award winning portrait photographer and Fellow Accredited Photographer with The Portrait Masters. She specializes in photography for women, and those they love most (including fur babies!) She not only creates gorgeous photos, but memories an of an exceptional experience. "Its most important to me that my clients have fun, and feel like the most beautiful version of themselves during their photoshoot! My goal is to create beautiful portraits of you that you LOVE. When you leave the studio I hope you feel confident, gorgeous, and empowered!"

Our portraits will outlive us, and someday will be the most cherished possession someone has to remember us by. Every woman deserves to have beautiful images they are proud to share with loved ones and leave as a legacy. Beautiful photos remind us who we are. "My goal is to help women stop hiding from the camera and create memories that last, for the ones you love most, but more importantly for YOU!"

"Everyone has insecurities and feels a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. My job to help you relax and have FUN, and showcase the things you like, so that you LOVE your images! I work with each client to plan a unique photoshoot with her personality in mind. This experience is about YOU and l want to help you create the photoshoot and images of your dreams!"