1. Scottsdale Pet Photographer
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  5. Scottsdale Pet Photographs
  6. Classic Photos with Santa Scottsdale Arizona
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  18. Award Winning Pet Photographer Scottsdale
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  22. Adorable hamster in a tea cup photo, Franklin Studios
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  24. Gorgeous George
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  31. Best Pet Photographs in Scottsdale
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  35. Elevated Pet Photography
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  43. Scottsdale Pet Photos
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  58. Snow white and the seven Guinea piggies
  59. Pet Photographer Scottsdale
  60. Photograph of a French Bulldog being a french painter
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  65. Pug Dog in a chair photo
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  68. Super Cute Puppy in a box
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  80. Cute French Bulldog in a Bear Hoodie
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  89. Guinea Pig pet photo
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  100. Cute Schnauzer professional photo
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Pets are a BIG part part of our families. Your pet can be photographed with you or your family, or you can choose to celebrate them with their own photo shoot with up to 4 looks. Franklin Photography Studios has received International acclaim for our quirky and creative pet photos. From your run of the mill dog next door, to exotic animals such as pythons, wallaby's and porcupines, Shelley has the patience and skills to photograph almost any type of animal. Her work has been used to decorate veterinary clinics and pet shelters in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and starting to pop up in some unexpected places.

If you want to feature your furry friend or "fur baby" in a photo, there's no better place to have them photographed. Creating amazingly creative and REALLY adorable images of other people's pets is what we do best!

Artwork of animals is everywhere. Its no wonder why, animals in general make people smile. Why not have your own beloved pet photographed and let us create one of a kind artwork for the walls of your home? We can create simplistic canvases or arrange for elaborate framing of your photos, depending on the budget and style that works best for you. If you aren't sure what will look best, we offer in home consultations/design service and can create computer generated mock ups of your rooms to show you exactly what your options are."

Shelley Franklin is an International award winning and published pet photographer as well as coach and mentor for pet photographers nationwide. If you are working at increasing your pet photography skills, check out an interview Shelley did for Sue Bryce Education regarding pet portrait tips and tricks by <CLICKING HERE>