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Creative Composite Photos Of Children And Pets

Taking photos of children or animals comes with its own set of challenges. Over the years I've learned a few tricks to make it easier. It can be tough to get a young child to smile or pose the way I need. Throw an animal or two into the mix and it's a recipe for disaster! A photo session can go downhill quickly. Once it does, sometimes all that can be done is to reschedule. Luckily that's something I haven't had to do in years.

Award Winning Pet Photographer Scottsdale

Learning through trial and error has been interesting. Because of imperfect situations, I learned to use Photoshop as a tool to fix things not captured perfectly in camera. I learned ways to create composite images, taking one or more photos (or elements from different photos) and seamlessly combining them. In this way, It's possible for me to photograph elements at different times, (even different days!) and make it appear everyone was in studio at once. Now that I can composite realistically, my imagination has taken over. I love dreaming up original ideas for photos. It's magical to dream up a story, visualize a photo in my mind, and then find everything I need to create it, wardrobe, props and all of the little details that bring a story to life.

This photo was created from 5 separate images, taken on four separate days, in three different photo shoots. It was named category winner for the family and group category of The Portrait Masters competition in March of 2020.

Scottsdale Pet Photos
Award Winning Pet Photographer Scottsdale
Scottsdale Pet Photographs
Photograph of a French Bulldog being a french painter
Elevated Pet Photography
Scottsdale cat photographer
loosing my appetite
Snow white and the seven Guinea piggies

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