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Fearless Over Fifty

Photography Studio Blog BannerWomen over 50 currently comprise over 20% of the total population. This percentage is only expected to increase and I believe that's an exciting thing!

Women over fifty today are more vibrant than we have ever seen in history! Many are starting new careers and showing the world how powerful, strong and independent we are!

Aging has long been associated with unwelcomed changes in physical appearance and negative stereotypes due to a long history of society placing value on physical appearance, youth and being thin. Women over fifty today are changing that narrative! We are more appreciative of physical health and less accepting of societal pressures related to appearance, and opinions of others.

We are brave, beautiful and unstoppable! At Franklin Photography Studios we specialize in photoshoots for women over fifty. We love making them feel comfortable, confident and cared for. We prepare them for their time in front of the camera and love empowering them with an exclusive photography experience that begins professional hair and makeup & model for the day experience, and ends with creating gorgeous museum quality wall art and photographs that will be cherished for generations.

Everything about this experience is much more than a photoshoot.

To my clients: You have worked your tail off for a lifetime building a life, a family, a career. YOU did this. You have permission to let the world see you. YOU are allowed to invest in your image, live the life of YOUR choosing and have visual proof of its existence without needing reasons or excuses for doing so. Wanting to celebrate your unique life and self with professional portraiture is NOT selfish, NOT vain and NOT unreasonable. YOU are enough.

If you ever thought you would if you could, please understand that you can!

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